Who we are

This is an exciting time for agriculture. As smart technologies continue to emerge, businesses have access to more and more tools designed to enhance and optimize production by making it more efficient and effective.
Our goal at RAYA Services is to support modernization in the agriculture and fisheries sectors and help them to successfully navigate the exciting and evolving world of precision.
As a professional solutions integrator, we offer new and innovative technologies to answer complex farming questions by combining mainstream solutions with customized hardware.
We hear and understand the problems and challenges, develop a solution and provide all needed hardware to get the job done.

Our business streams


We aim to make farming more connected and intelligent; our solutions help reduce overall costs and improve the farming process to achieve better results.

Our solutions include:

  • Climate control systems
  • Smart greenhouse solutions “lighting – automation systems – ect…”
  • Greenhouse fabrication
  • Vertical & container farming
  • Solar power
  • Engineering and technical consultation


We cover all section of poultry and offer technical knowledge and solutions that ensure production uniformity and increase efficiency.

The main offerings are:

  • Supply, installation, commissioning and training of poultry farm equipment such as climate control, lighting and automation.
  • Energy saving services
  • Solar power


Our solutions include:

  • Optimized lighting solutions for aquaculture
  • Feed supply
  • Farm automation
  • Climate control, energy efficiency and solar solutions

Our technology partners

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